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SINCE ITS FOUNDING IN 1981, the Northfield, New Hampshire-based company has been a leader in solving the most difficult challenges in plastic component manufacturing and CNC machining. With the 2018 acquisition of Relius Medical (now EPTAM Precision Metals) and the 2019 acquisition of Micro Molding Inc. and MedConnection LLC (now EPTAM Precision Molding), EPTAM is now a single-source point of contact for precision manufacturing solutions in both plastics and metals with operations in New Hampshire, Colorado and New Jersey.

EPTAM's sales, engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams operate as an extension of the OEM's design and material engineering departments to establish solutions and specifications for a wide variety of precision-machining applications. With its record of providing the highest-quality, tightest-tolerance machined parts for mission-critical applications, the company serves leaders in the medical, semiconductor, and aerospace/defense industries to provide advanced solutions for emerging commercial technologies.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best single-source for precision manufacturing solutions in both plastics/metals by exceeding our customers' expectations at every level.

We strive for an environment of continuous improvement, teamwork, agility, and overall excellence. Our goal is to maintain a financially sound organization that invests in itself and its people, now and in the future.

Our Guiding Principles


We will retain and attract a highly skilled and diverse workforce by recognizing the right of all team members to work in an environment that commands mutual respect and complete acceptance of others, regardless of differences. We are committed to the development of our team, in a safe and healthy environment. Our foundation for success is built on the integrity of our engaged Teammates who will: share an aligned strategic direction, have joint ownership of our goals, hold each other mutually accountable to achieving them, and feel empowered to do what is right for the customer.


We will work in partnership with our customers to meet or exceed their expectations for quality, customer service, and total value. We recognize the vital importance of our products to the people they touch. Our behavior will reflect the importance of our responsibilities and we will act in a manner that exemplifies our ethical, social, legal and regulatory standards protecting the investments of our shareholders but always acting in our customers' best interests.


We will make wise investments that grow our business faster than market, provide solutions sought after by customers, enable sustainable operations that respect both the Earth's resources, our community and create profitable, long-term returns for our stakeholders. We will consistently use well defined business processes throughout our Company to ensure compliance, thoughtful planning, and decision making to manage the risks that are inherent in our business. We will create successful results over the long term and be proud every day of the manner in which we act to achieve them.